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Both Lineartronic CVT and many Subaru automatic transmission choices come with manual shift mode. This means that you can take advantage of the impressive efficiency that CVT offers when you want to--but when you feel the need to take things into your own hands with manual transmission, you can do so freely.
temporary manual. Automatic mode provides gear ratios from 2.37 to 1 in the highest range on take off to 0.39 to 1 in the lowest range in the overdrive ratio in the Drive range. The Lineartronic will step through preset ratios similar to a conventional automatic shifting transmission. In the less aggressive mode (Intelligent), the
Fun to drive: By simulating the operation of a manual transmission, the Lineartronic CVT's manual mode increases driver involvement and makes the vehicle more fun to drive. Interior comfort: By incorporating chain drive in the CVT's design, Subaru was able to engineer a more compact unit. That enabled increased space
The Outback can simulate a manual transmission with six programmed speeds that hold the CVT pulleys in fixed positions. You can use manual mode by moving the lever to "M" and using the paddle shifters, or (temporarily) by using the paddle shifters while you're driving in automatic mode (select lever at the "D" position).
23 Mar 2016 For 2017, Subaru bolts one single transmission, a Lineartronic CVT (continuously variable transmission) that offers a manual shift mode, to the 152-horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder Boxer engine. In manual mode, the driver can use the steering wheel-mounted paddles to shift through seven simulated shift
Lineartronic® CVT Transmission. In Automatic Mode, the Lineartronic® CVT adjusts instantly to match your acceleration, eliminating the need to shift and preserving the vehicle's momentum — often lost with conventional automatic transmissions. In 6-Speed Manual Mode, paddle shifters are mounted for fingertip control,
30 Oct 2013
26 Feb 2013 In 6-Speed Manual Mode, paddle shifters are mounted for fingertip control, giving you the power to select the gear ratio that best suits your driving situation. The result is a sharper and sportier driving experience. To see Lineartronic CVT in action, check out this video courtesy of Subaru of America:
23 Aug 2010
A regular transmission can feel jerky, especially under full throttle. The CVT builds power in a smooth, linear manner, hence the trademark, "Lineartronic." Greater reliability. The CVT has fewer parts to break. Manual mode when you need it. If you're towing, or you just want the thrill of changing gears, Subaru gives you