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On this tour around the city, of receiving the most complete and objective information, you will go to the most emblematic places that belonged to the most dangerous drug lord in world history or that were used by his powerful organization "THE MEDELLIN'S CARTEL." You will hear about his life, learn about the impact of
Pablo Escobar Historical Tour of Medellin. Depart from your Medellin accommodation in a comfortable, air-conditioned minivan to begin your journey to the heart of Colombia's history. Greet your knowledgeable guide and become entranced as you are plunged into a captivating commentary of Pablo Escobar; as one of the
18 Oct 2013 My guide on the $45 Escobar tour offered by Medellin City Tours, John Echeverry, says he had to think long and hard before agreeing to take the job. of his classmates (including the son of Escobar's cousin and Medellin Cartel business manager Gustavo Gaviria) were invited to Escobar's private retreat,
17 Jun 2015 Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar ordered the deaths of thousands of people during his time at the head of the Medellin cartel, though his gifts to the city's poor turned him into a hero to some. One stop on the tour is the Monaco Building, which was bombed by the rival Cali cartel in order to try and kill
26 Jun 2017 When most people outside of South America hear the word “Medellin,” their minds unwittingly time-travel back to an era of cartels, violence, and kidnappings, . And though no guidebook I've ever read urges its readers to do cocaine in Medellin, within the insular community of backpackers, this idea is
18 Jan 2013 A second tour operator I contacted added that Roberto now claimed that his job for the Medellin cartel had been to design submarines. I ended up enlisting Juan Uribe, a warm, emphatic tour guide in his 60s who took us to four Escobar-related sites. We saw the apartment building where Mr. Escobar's wife
18 Oct 2013 Our guide, John Echeverry, had only been leading the Escobar Tour for Medellin City Tours (US$45 per person, booked through Viator) for a few months and he admitted that he had to think long and hard before agreeing to do it. He feared it “wasn't good to talk about those things” but now believes the tour
3 Sep 2017 Pablo Escobar has been drawing thousands of tourists to Medellin. They retrace Now he recounts tales of the Escobars and their famous drug cartel to groups of tourists that flock to his home every day. "A lot of lies Tour guide Jesus photographs tourists with Roberto Escobar in his house in Medellin.
18 Oct 2011 Our guide seemed more conflicted about giving the tour then we were about taking it. It is an important part of his country's history, but the wounds inflicted by Pablo Escobar, the world's most ruthless drug lord, are still fresh in the collective mind of Medellin, a city that would rather its rapidly increasing
8 Jan 2013 This particular two-story mountainside home was once the hideout of Pablo Escobar, the infamous kingpin of the Medellin Cartel. it's officially called, and guides will bring you shoulder to shoulder with Roberto Escobar, who entertains visitors ever day by answering questions about his brother and posing