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21 Nov 2012 Though it's been great, we've had an issue with keeping the French doors open. This little issue exists because I never installed any door stops to protect the wall, so we've had a few instances of the door being opened too wide and the knob hitting the wainscoting. The other minor nuisance is that the left
Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Stanley Hardware V8208 Magnetic Doorstop in Satin Nickel at Read honest and unbiased Solved an issue I had with a door that always pulled itself shut, while also upgrading the looks of the old door stop that was previously installed. Highly recommend.
A magnetic door stop will keep your cabinet doors closed and secure. It's easy to install.
Simply match the base with your intended secure point and screw into the door or floor. Then slide the metal ring over the base to hide the screws. The screw-plate is threaded into the door stop. Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to turn the screw-plate in a counter-clockwise direction to remove.
Made by Adoored and with a quality satin chrome finish, these Magnetic Trumpet Door Stops hold doors open and prevent them from damaging adjacent internal walls. Quick and easy installation; Prevents doors and handles from damaging walls; Quality design and appearance
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28 Oct 2010
18 May 2010 Mounting the Catch. Place the blade of the flat-head screwdriver into the slot on the underside of the catch mounting plate. Place the catch mounting plate on the penciled circle on the door. Attach the plate to the door, using the two included screws and the screwdriver or a drill. Assemble the catch body.
Magnetic Doorstop with Catch is designed to keep doors fully open while helping to prevent wall damage. Two-in-one design protects walls and holds the door open for you; Magnet post can be installed on the floor so door can open wider; Powerful magnet holds doors open and releases when Instructions / Assembly.
A magnetic stop features a two-piece design where the post side attaches to the door and the receptacle attaches to the baseboard or wall. A less common to a hardwood floor. Both install in basically the same way. construction. Mount the base to the floor and cover the base by following the manufacturer's instructions.

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